Black Activists Threaten NFL Over Colin Kaepernick

Just in time for the start of the NFL season, black activists are threatening the NFL because controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains an unsigned football player.

Last year, Kaepernick sparked a nationwide controversy when he decided to kneel during the national anthem. His actions received a harsh backlash from NFL fans for his disrespect of our nation’s flag and those that fought and are fighting for our liberty. His anti-patriotism display was especially hurtful for families of those killed and veterans that were wounded defending our country.

According to the quarterback, he was expressing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement’s efforts to challenge police violence against blacks.

Protests during the National Anthem spread beyond the NFL to college football and other sports.

Kaepernick’s on the football field antics was attributed to a drop in viewership for NFL games.

A poll by J.D. Power reported that protests during the National Anthem were the top reason for fans deciding not to watch games.

NFL team owners obviously took note of the damage Kaepernick caused to the league’s brand and as a consequence, the quarterback has yet to be signed by a team.

Due to Kaepernick’s employment status, black activists are now threatening the NFL.

Filmmaker Spike Lee promoted a rally planned at NFL headquarters on August 23rd on his Twitter account.

In addition to Lee, the Atlantic chapter of the NAACP is boycotting the NFL and the organization is planning to protest the Atlanta Falcons first home game if Kaepernick is not signed by a team.

Even some police officers are supporting Kaepernick.

In Brooklyn, New York, a group of police officers including minorities rallied in support of Kaepernick.

Additionally, a few NFL players are continuing Kaepernick’s idea of protests during preseason games.

Star players Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett decided to sit on the bench while the National Anthem played.

Clearly, the Kaepernick controversy is not going away and the NFL is suffering from a self-inflicted wound.

The league keeps tight control of player’s actions in the end zone and what they wear on the field but allowed individual players to express personal protests while on company time.

Now the bad decisions remain a distraction for the league and threaten further damage to the NFL brand.