Podcast Anti-Trump Industry Politicized Charlottesville VA

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The three tiers of the anti-Trump industry fueled a backlash against President Trump over his initial comments about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The left-wing media, Democrats, and the never-Trump crowd all slammed Trump because his initial comments did not specifically call out neo-Nazi and KKK groups for violence.

Trump’s initial comments were the appropriate ones to make while the events were still developing; however, the context of his remarks did not fit the agenda of those opposed to the president.

All the groups in the anti-Trump industry politicized the tragedy in Charlottesville to advance their cause.

Left-wing media wants to damage Trump’s public approval, Democrats are race-baiting to drive black voters to the polls, and the never-Trumpers want to prove they were right in their opposition to Trump.

The consequences of the anti-Trump industry are dangerous to domestic and national security.

The race-baiting can lead to more violence, and the perception that Trump is losing influence could result in North Korea taking action against the U.S.

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