Former CIA Director Brennan Calls Trump “Disgraced Demagogue” Over McCabe Firing

Former Obama Administration officials are slamming President Trump over the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed President Trump in a Tweet calling the president “a disgraced demagogue.”

Brennan attacked President Trump’s character earlier this month during an interview on MSNBC calling the president “unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical.”

Newsweek called Brennan’s comments “an extraordinary attack.”

Brennan was not the only former Obama team member to comment on Twitter.

Former U.N. Ambassador under Obama Samantha Power added fuel to Brennan’s fire by commenting on the former CIA Director’s Tweet:

Following push back on her comments on social media Powers tried to clarify her earlier comment in another Tweet.

Ben Rhodes, who worked in the Obama White House, also criticized President Trump.

Responding to the President Trump’s call to end the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Rhodes criticized President Trump and the Republican Party.

One has to wonder why the Obama team is making so many comments about the firing of McCabe.

Since nothing happens by accident in Washington D.C., perhaps the former Obama officials are most likely getting nervous about their possible roles in trying to undermine President Trump just after the election.

We now know what Brennan thinks of President Trump.

So the big question is did he act on those feelings while he was at the CIA?