Attending White Privilege Conference For College Credit

It’s political correctness gone wild.

College students can get credits for attending a White Privilege Conference.

Campus Reform reports:

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is currently offering a class awarding students up to 3 academic credits for attending the White Privilege Conference.

Taught by Abby Ferber, a sociology professor who is also co-organizes the White Privilege Conference, the “Intersections of Privilege” course is meeting exclusively online except for required attendance at the annual conference, which will be held this year in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Campus Reform points out the credits can be used to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion.

In addition to college students, the White Privilege Conference also offers an opportunity for middle school and high school students.

In this space called the Youth Leadership Conference, high school youth from around the country come together to explore and understand white privilege, power, oppression, racism, self identity, and allied living.

Watch video HERE.

Let’s face it, getting college credits for attending a conference on white privilege is a waste of time and money and does not prepare young people with the skills to compete in a competitive world.