Rep Maxine Waters: Trump is ‘outwardly racist’ and ‘an unworthy person’

California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters continues on her mission to discredit President Trump.

Waters, a regular guest on MSNBC, was asked about her House colleagues and President Trump’s comments of the progressive freshmen.

President Trump fired off a series of Tweets that dominated the news about Waters’ colleagues:

Responding to MSNBC host Chris Hayes, Waters said, “Well, you know, some people were shocked that the president could be so outwardly racist.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately weighed in on Twitter following the president’s remarks, saying he wants to make America “white again.”

A long-time advocate to impeach President Trump, Waters also said the president is “an unworthy person.”

Breitbart reports:

“However, I, you, and others know that he has gotten worse. From the time that we first started to realize that he was identifying himself as an unworthy person, not worthy of the presidency, he has consistently gotten worse,” she argued.

Waters spends an inordinate amount of time criticizing President Trump instead of focusing on the needs of her California constituents.

Watch Waters’ interview here.