Democrat Establishment Backs Biden to Stop Sanders

The Democrat establishment is up to their old political tricks with a concerted effort to swipe the Democrat nomination from 2020 presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Super Tuesday delivered a series of huge wins for former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden now has a slight lead in the delegate count.

Biden scored big victories across the country including surprise wins in Massachusetts and Texas.

But Democrat establishment politicians also stepped in to support Biden.

A big South Carolina win, coupled with endorsements from his former competitors, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, gave a last-minute boost to Biden’s campaign.

Biden was also helped by the complete collapse of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

After spending over $500 million to make a strong showing on Super Tuesday, Bloomberg only won American Samoa support and bowed out of the race shortly after.

2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) also had a very disappointing Super Tuesday night – she came in third place in her home state.

Warren’s disastrous Super Tuesday results led to her ending her presidential campaign on Thursday.

President Trump commented in a tweet about Warren dropping out of the race.

But Sanders is by no means out of the race.

Sanders won states in the West including the crucial state of California.

At this point, it’s a two-man race with Biden and Sanders essentially tied in delegates.

Biden’s sudden surge is a result of the backing and perhaps coordination from the Democrat establishment to make sure Sanders does not become the Democrat nominee.

President Trump commented about Super Tuesday over the way the Democrat establishment worked to undermine Sanders.

President Trump called out the biggest losers of the night.

However, Biden’s been blundering along throughout his presidential campaign.

After a successful Super Tuesday night, Biden confused his wife Jill with his sister Valerie.

President Trump tweeted a montage of Biden’s blunders on the campaign trail.

Democrats will either choose socialist Sanders or blundering Biden to represent their political party in November.

If Biden gets it by undermining Sanders, it could lead to a civil war within the party giving President Trump a huge advantage.