Sanders Attacks Biden Over Trade and Iraq War on Fox News

It’s down to two Democrat candidates dueling over the opportunity to face President Trump in this year’s presidential race.

With the stakes high for this week’s Democrat primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attacked former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

Sanders focused his criticism on Biden’s past support of trade deals and for backing the Iraq war.

Sanders’ focus on trade was designed to influence Democrat voters in Michigan – a big primary state race on Tuesday.

Host Chris Wallace asked Sanders if he will drop out this week if he loses the Michigan primary to Biden.

Sanders touted his support with young and Latino voters and added he will not drop out of the race.

Sanders also defended his statements on Cuba.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to stumble on the campaign trail.

President Trump jumped on Biden’s gaff.

Biden also forgot the name of his former boss Barack Obama.

Democrats are stuck between two bad candidates; Sanders’ affinity for socialism and Biden struggling with basic communication.

All of this puts President Trump in great shape for a big win in November.