MSNBC & CNN Pulls the Plug During Trump Coronavirus Press Briefing

Cable TV networks MSNBC and CNN pulled the plug during President Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefing yesterday.

The cable networks pulled away from the press briefing and then went on to criticize President Trump.

As Mediaite reports, CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer and John King were outraged when part of the briefing was focused on drug cartels taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to bring illegal drugs into the U.S.

King said the discussion about illegal drugs was “remarkable” and he also added, “…some would say shameless.”

MSNBC also cut away from the briefing because of the focus on illegal drugs.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd thought the discussion was off-topic.

The fact that the cable networks cut away during the briefing is not surprising.

Hosts from both networks complained about their outlets covering the press briefings live.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes urged his network not to cover the briefings live. He also called the briefings “crazy” and “dangerous.”

Hayes criticized the briefings, saying, “But it seems crazy to me that everyone is still taking them when you got the MyPillow guy getting up there talking about reading the Bible.”

Hayes also said President Trump was a “threat to public health.”

CNN’s Don Lemmon said his network should not cover President Trump’s press briefings live.

It’s not surprising the anti-Trump media is opposing President Trump’s daily press briefings.

At the end of the day, the anti-Trump media wants control of the narrative so they can manipulate and spin the facts surrounding the coronavirus crisis to fit their anti-Trump agenda.

The press briefings provide President Trump with a direct line of communication to Americans, bypassing the bias of the anti-Trump media.

That’s something the anti-Trump media can’t allow because it undermines their political agenda.