Hunter Biden in Spotlight Over Subpoenaed US Firm Involved with Burisma Holdings

Hunter Biden, presumptive Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, is in the spotlight over his role with a company subpoenaed this week.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted to authorize the subpoena to U.S. consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, a firm involved with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

Hunter sat on Burisma’s board and is under investigation by the Senate committee over his role with the Ukrainian company.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) set the vote up and commented on the subpoena.

Johnson said, “We’re just trying to get to the truth.”

Johnson also said, “Blue Star Strategies is a Democrat-run consulting firm, and they were engaged by Burisma, the corrupt oil company, to burnish their image here

Democrats are pushing back on the Senate committee’s investigations.

Fox News reports:

“There are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committee’s attention, but instead this committee is doing the president’s personal bidding,” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said during a committee meeting on Wednesday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer commented and called the probes, “a gross misuse of the power of the majority.”

The Hill reports:

“Senate Republicans are diving head-first into the muck to smear the family — the family — of the president’s political opponent. It is such a gross misuse of the power of the majority,” Schumer added.

While Hunter was involved with Burisma dealings, then-Vice President Joe Biden was given the responsibility of dealing with the Ukraine country by former President Obama.

Questions surrounding Hunter’s foreign business deals are in the spotlight and Americans should know the truth of a possible conflict of interest with the former vice president.