Mayor de Blasio Wants to Examine Official Seal of New York City as Violence Skyrockets

While shootings and murders are escalating in New York City, Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks the city’s official seal depicting a Native American and a white male settler should be looked into.

When asked about the depiction during his daily press briefing this week, de Blasio said, “It’s the kind of thing a commission should look at carefully and decide if it still makes sense for the 21st century.”

Meanwhile, murders and shootings are up significantly in New York City. reports:

Fifteen shootings, seven of which were fatal, on Sunday. A 200 percent spike in gun violence from this point last year. Growing concern over New York City’s efforts to stem the violence.

People are moving out of New York City for good over several reasons including the COVID-19 pandemic and the spike in crime.

Making matters worse, de Blasio defunded the police budget by $1 billion and ended New York City’s plainclothes anti-crime units.

Former NYPD Chief of Department Joe Esposito criticized the decision.

NBC New York reports:

“Anti-crime (cops) are the crime fighters. These are the folks who get the guns off the street, who get the robbers while the robberies are happening,” Esposito said. “There is a price to pay here — we’re eliminating all the tools that got us to be the safest city in the county.”

Focusing on the city’s official seal depiction is a glaring example of de Blasio’s misguided priorities as crime around him is on the rise.

de Blasio’s lack of leadership is resulting in a spike in murders and shootings putting innocent people in harm’s way every day in New York City.