Biden Would Shutdown National Economy to Address China Virus

Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden emphatically stated he would issue a national shutdown of the U.S. economy to address the China virus.

Biden made the statement in response to a hypothetical question about dealing with the pandemic during an exclusive interview on ABC News.

It was Biden’s first interview following the Democratic National Convention.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel jumped on Biden’s urging of a national mandate to lock down the economy.

Biden is no stranger to expressing national mandates to deal with the pandemic.

Earlier this month, Biden urged a three-week national mask mandate.

Biden is absolutely serious about a national mask mandate.

The former vice president repeated his interest in the mask mandate during his acceptance speech at the DNC.

Clearly, Biden and his team want to use the China virus as a key part of their national campaign.

However, in doing so Biden is exposing his interest in a command and control approach to COVID-19 including a national shutdown and a nationwide mask mandate where every American in every state will be treated the same.

Biden’s strategy is a warning to all Americans that he wants to treat all Americans the same and will not hesitate to use the power of the Executive Branch to restrict liberty.

Democrats, including Biden, continually focus on strategies without regard to the consequences of their actions.