Report: Hunder Biden Leveraged VP Joe Biden Ukraine Trip to Get 2014 Contract

According to emails obtained by the FBI, Hunter Biden leveraged Joe Biden’s 2014 trip to Ukraine when he was vice president to score a consulting contract with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

Just the News reports:

The memos also show how Hunter Biden pressed to get Burisma Holdings to sign some sort of consulting deal with him and his business partner Devon Archer before the U.S. vice president visited Ukraine on April 21-22, 2014.

Hunter’s emails were from his laptop he left at a repair shop which was given to the FBI.

As by Just the News, the emails can potentially show the way Hunter was leveraging his father’s position in the Obama administration for financial gain.

Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly jumped on the news about the FBI obtained emails.

In addition to getting paid by Burisma, Hunter also currently has a financial stake in a company based in communist China.

The Wall Street Journal reports Hunter keeps cashing in on his father’s name after he left the Obama administration.

As a result, Hunter made business arrangements with a Chinese energy company as well as European businesses. The story cites an example where, “A Chinese energy tycoon gave Mr. Biden a 2.8-carat diamond, and entities linked to him wired nearly $5 million to Mr. Biden’s law firm.”

The information reported by The Wall Street Journal was sourced from a Republican Senate investigation.

Gregg Jarrett of Fox News called out Joe Biden for lying about his son getting money from China.

As reported, the new emails show Hunter was using his father’s name to profit and it’s outrageous the anti-Trump media ran political interference by not reporting on Hunter’s laptop before the election.