Rep Rashida Tlaib Calls for No ‘policing, incarceration, and militarization’

Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib is calling for no “policing, incarceration, and militarization.”

The outrageous statement was made by Tlaib following the shooting death of a Minnesota black male, Daunte Wright, during a traffic stop.

Tlaib also called policing “intentionally racist.”

Minneapolis citizens are complaining about the reduction in law enforcement response as crime increased following the defunding of the police department. reports:

In Minneapolis, the city council stripped $1 and a half million dollars in funding from the Minneapolis police department. And then, shocking exactly no one with an IQ over about 27, assaults, robberies, and homicides rose more than 20%. Things got so bad, residents started showing up to city council meetings and complaining that the cops weren’t doing enough to protect their neighborhoods.

Critics commented on social media.

Democrats also criticized Tlaib, including Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, saying, “I am not in the camp that says, you know, we should disrespect police, we should reform police where police are necessary.”

Tlaib’s calls to end police, prisons, and the military are reckless and dangerous.