‘Big miss’ in April Jobs Report Under Biden

The April jobs report significantly missed the mark under President Biden.

Economists estimated a million new jobs would be added in April and forecasted unemployment at 5.8 percent.

However, only 266,000 jobs were added and unemployment ticked up to 6.1 percent.

April’s job numbers were so bad that CNBC’s Steve Liesman thought they were incorrect.

Fox Business Network reported the jobs report numbers for April were “a big miss.”

Along with the dismal April jobs numbers, March jobs numbers were revised down from 916,000 to 770,000.

President Biden tried to downplay the dismal April jobs report.

Critics of President Biden commented on social media.

Businesses are struggling to find employees and blame the Biden administration’s enhanced unemployment benefits, which in some instances pay individuals more than minimum wage jobs would.

New York Post reports:

And business owners, especially in the retail and travel industries, have said they’re struggling to recruit new workers. Some economists and companies have blamed pandemic-boosted government stimulus for making it more attractive to remain on public benefits than a private payroll.

A restaurant owner says he is having trouble finding people to work and that there’s “a conflict of interest” over what people are receiving in unemployment benefits.

President Biden was asked if Americans are incentivized from returning to the workforce.

Predictions for the April jobs report were well below expectations and under President Biden, the enhanced unemployment benefits are a contributing factor.

When the government pays you more not to work, they are providing a financial incentive for individuals not to seek employment.

That’s common sense – something that’s missing with President Biden.