Biden Mocked After Saying He Drove an 18-Wheeler Truck

President Biden was mocked for saying he drove an 18-wheeler truck.

Biden made the truck driver claim during a tour of a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania.

The RNC posted Biden’s comment on Twitter with him saying, “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.”

A longer video was also posted on Twitter.

Fox News reported the White House had trouble verifying Biden was a truck driver. Its story said, “…White House spokesperson could only point to a December 1973 article from the Wilmington Evening Journal that showed Biden rode in an 18-wheeler, not that he drove one.”

The White House went on to say at one point Biden drove a school bus.

Biden’s critics jumped on the opportunity to mock him.

Biden also confused himself over President Obama and President Trump.

The New York Post reports:

“In 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece — then-President Trump,” Biden misstated during a speech near Allentown, Pa.

From The Sun:

Biden continues to be an embarrassment to himself and to America.