Biden Caves to Taliban and Throws G-7 Leaders Under the Bus

President Biden caved to warnings by the Taliban to stick to the August 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and by doing so, threw the Group of Seven (G-7) leaders under the bus.

New York Post reports:

President Biden on Tuesday said he will stick to an Aug. 31 deadline for removing US troops from Afghanistan after the Taliban said it would not allow him any additional time to evacuate US citizens and refugees.

The White House posted about the virtual G-7 meeting on social media.

The G-7 leaders wanted Biden to delay the withdrawal of U.S. troops but failed to influence him.

ABC News reports:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged defeat on Tuesday after he and other Group of Seven leaders failed to persuade President Joe Biden to delay the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

However, Biden spoke otherwise about the outcome of the G-7 meeting.

Following the virtual meeting, Biden held a press conference and touted the support from world leaders and said they “all agreed that we will stand united in our approach to the Taliban.”

Critics of Biden commented on social media.

As the withdrawal date swiftly approaches, concerns are mounting over the ability of the U.S. and its international allies to conduct safe evacuations for their citizens and Afghan allies.

For Biden to allow the dangerous Taliban to dictate and call the shots about the U.S. military withdrawal out of Afghanistan is outrageous and validates Biden’s weakness as a leader.

NewsmaxTV contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D., described how Biden’s Afghanistan disaster will damage the credibility of the U.S. with NATO allies.

Biden’s decision-making on handling the Afghanistan crisis is a big red flag for America’s world leader allies, making it impossible for them to trust the president.