Irony Alert: Fauci Big Salary Tied to Protecting US from Pandemics

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the highest-paid government official and his big salary boost was a result of a “permanent pay adjustment” to protect the U.S. from bioterrorism-related pandemics.

Fauci is the chief medical advisor to President Biden and he also serves as the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

News about Fauci’s salary increase came to light in a Forbes commentary, “Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Little-Known Biodefense Work – It’s How He Became The Highest Paid Federal Employee,” by Adam Andrzejewski.

Andrzejewski is the CEO/Founder of – an organization focused on government spending transparency.

Andrzejewski writes:

From 2004 through 2007, Fauci received a 68-percent pay increase from $200,000- to $335,000-a year. This award was permanent and carried forward through 2020.

Fauci’s permanent pay raise was to “appropriately compensate him for the level of responsibility… especially as it relates to his work on biodefense research activities.”

The irony is Fauci was paid a huge sum to protect the U.S. from bioterrorism hitting the U.S. but he failed to warn about the COVID-19 pandemic in a timely manner in 2020.

In my February Newsmax Insider commentary, I concluded Dr. Fauci didn’t deserve his over $400,000 salary because he failed to warn the U.S. about the emerging pandemic which I felt was part of his primary mission at NIH.

I wrote:

Essentially, Fauci was assigned to be the sentinel on the wall – the medical Paul Revere who would sound the alarm and warn the country of an emerging pandemic invasion.

However, Fauci failed to meet the primary mission of NIAID because he diminished the threat posed by COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic.

On television from January 2020 through early March, Fauci consistently downplayed COVID-19. Fauci initiated his remain “calm, nothing really to be worried about” view (on Jan. 21, 2020) with Newsmax TV’s host Greg Kelly.

He continued this theme in many interviews, including during an early-March White House briefing where he gave the OK for young people to go on a cruise (read my earlier commentary for more details).

Andrzejewski’s commentary based on OpenTheBooks research confirms Fauci’s job as a pandemic fighter.

What’s worse as I pointed out in February and backed by OpenTheBooks and others, Fauci is tied to funding risky gain-of-function research in China – the type of research that many think created the pandemic.

Importantly, Andrzejewski outlines a timeline of Fauci funding gain-of-function research over the years.

Despite failing at his job, Fauci is a frequent guest on Sunday morning news shows and he generates controversy after his appearances.

Fauci also doesn’t hesitate to challenge his critics on TV.

The bottom line is Fauci is being richly rewarded for failing at his job.

In the private sector, such a massive failure by Fauci would find him out of a job.

However, in government, Fauci remains the highest-paid employee.