Biden Dodges Responsibility and Laughs Off his Failure to Anticipate Omicron Surge

President Biden failed to anticipate the Omicron surge hitting the U.S.

At a White House briefing, Biden said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated” the surge in the new viral variant in an attempt to defend his slow reaction.

When asked at the briefing if it was “a failure” that there are not enough tests for Americans Biden responded, “No, it’s not, because COVID is spreading so rapidly, if you notice. It just — just happened almost overnight, just in the last month.”

Biden was also pressed about the lack of test kits in an ABC News interview with David Muir.

The president didn’t think it was a failure on his part.

After being confronted with the fact that Biden missed both the Delta and Omicron variants, Biden responded with a laugh.

Biden did indeed fail to anticipate both viral variants and now Americans will be heading into Christmas celebrations largely untested because of the lack of planning on his part.

As president, Biden is supposed to anticipate and plan for problems but he has failed Americans again.