White House Chief of Staff Klain Pushes Idea Media is Harder on Biden Than Trump

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain pushed the idea that the media is tougher on President Biden than on former President Trump.

Klain promoted a Washington Post commentary, “The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof,” on Twitter.

The theme of the media being tough on Biden promoted by Klain was advanced by MSNBC.

CNN also pushed the same narrative.

There is no comparison between the way the media covered Trump to the way they are covering Biden.

The media was relentless against Trump even though he did an amazing job for the American people.

The New York Post reminded its readers about the media coverage of Trump in an editorial.

And never mind that the media did their damnedest to kneecap the Trump presidency, colluding with government insiders to gin up the utterly bogus RussiaGate investigation. (Not that the elite press cares to admit the truth of that even now.)

Biden is doing a horrible job as president and the media should be much more critical of his job performance.

The media protected Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign and they are rallying around him now by promoting the spin by the Washington Post writer.