Biden Approval Rating Poll Average Below 40 Percent for First Time

President Biden’s job approval rating dropped to 39 percent since he took office while his disapproval rating went up to 54 percent.

Real Clear Politics conducted an average of national polls.

Several factors are contributing to Biden’s failing job approval.

Daily Mail reports:

A vast majority of American voters are frustrated with rising inflation, the continuing Covid-19 pandemic – and the resultant vaccine and mask mandates – as well as unrest at the border with Mexico.

Critics weighed in on inflation hitting 7.5 percent in January and on the open southern border.

Critics slammed Biden on social media over his dismal approval rating.

Four years ago at this time, President Trump’s job approval rating was higher than Biden’s.

Americans are suffering the consequences of Biden’s failed leadership and are expressing their frustrations.

Biden continues to prove he is incapable of running the country which is evident by recent polls.