Bill O’Reilly Exposes Sharpton’s Food Stamp Propaganda

It was great to see Bill O’Reilly catch Al Sharpton in a gross example of transforming facts into propaganda.

In a segment on food stamps earlier the week, Bill O’Reilly commented on a beach bum surfer who is abusing the government program.

In a Fox News Special, The Great Food Stamp Binge, Fox News’ John Roberts interviewed Jason Greenslate, a 29 year old about his participation in the food stamp program.

From Fox News Insider:

Greenslate is trained to be a recording engineer, but he told Roberts he has no paycheck because holding down a steady job isn’t for him.

So, it was off to the gourmet section of the grocery store, as Greenslate purchased sushi and lobster with his EBT card. “All paid for by our wonderful tax dollars,” he said, telling Roberts that’s what he typically buys.

“This is the way I want to live and I don’t really see anything changing,” Greenslate said. “It’s free food; it’s awesome.”

O’Reilly called Greenslate “a parasite” for abusing the food stamp program.

Sharpton jumped on an opportunity to attack O’Reilly.

On his MSNBC show Politics Nation, Al Sharpton took O’Reilly’s comment about one individual and spun it as a broad attack on the poor:

Bill O’Reilly has gone back to one of his favorite talking points, attacking the poor. Here’s his latest rant about people on food stamps – parasites. The poor are parasites.

Sharpton clearly manipulated a narrow fact-based comment about one individual into an expansive accusation that O’Reilly feels the poor are parasites for using food stamps.

Unfortunately, Sharpton’s attack on O’Reilly will become part of the urban legend in the black community that Fox News is biased and white hosts such as O’Reilly are cold hearted.

Sharpton is the real parasite, feeding on the emotional bias that he creates among his followers.