Does Senator Mary Landrieu Really Live in Her Parents Basement To Maintain Louisiana Residency Requirement

One of the hallmarks of the political elite is being disconnected from their constituents. The more time they spend in Washington, D.C. the wider the gap between their priorities and the concerns of their constituents.

One sure sign of an elected official’s detachment is when they get mired in a controversy over their home state residence.

Astonishingly, Senators of both political parties have been challenged over where they really live.

On the Republican side, former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar’s and current Kansas Senator Pat Roberts’ home state residences became part of their primary challenger’s campaigns.

Now, Democrat senator Mary Landrieu is being accused of not having a real residence in Louisiana by one of her Republican challengers.

ABC News reported on Landrieu’s residency controversy:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is the latest Washington veteran being forced to fend off a challenge to her reelection that alleges she is no longer a resident of her home state, but lives in DC.

A similar challenge succeeded in knocking off former Indiana senator Richard Lugar in 2012, despite – or because of – his 35 years in Congress.

Landrieu’s office and campaign are fighting back very cautiously.

“I have lived at my home on Prieur Street (New Orleans) most of my life and I live there now when not fulfilling my duties in Washington or serving constituents across the state,” Landrieu said in a statement released to ABC News.

A Landrieu campaign official also noted that both Landrieu and her husband file taxes in Louisiana. Her campaign did not elaborate further.

It is an issue that is increasingly being employed this year against members of Congress who are repeatedly reelected, and spend most of their time in Washington.

It turns out that Landrieu is using the address of her parents that reside in New Orleans as her primary address while at the same time she has used her multi-million dollar home address in Washington, D.C. on official documents including her filing to be on the Louisiana ballot for November’s election.

Tea Party candidate Rob Maness is urging the state to investigate Landrieu on whether or not she has violated the residency requirements of the state.

Landrieu has also been involved in other controversies such as spending taxpayer money on lavish staff retreats (see earlier post) and taking private flights.

Landrieu was also a big supporter of ObamaCare (see video).

Regardless of the residency challenge, it’s clear Landrieu has become part of the D.C. insider elite political class.