Exclusive – Ted Cruz to Conservative Review: ‘Republicans need a big, bold, positive agenda’

ted cruz

Originally posted at Conservative Review

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Conservative Review that Republicans need a “big, bold, positive agenda” to deliver on the midterm election campaign promises.

“We had a tremendous election in November. But the election was not an embrace with Republicans it was a repudiation of the Obama agenda and it was the American people saying we want a different path,” said Cruz.

Cruz also highlighted economic growth, ObamaCare, and President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty as key priorities for Republicans.

“We need to follow through on our campaign commitments to take on front and center Obamacare and to take on front and center the president’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. That’s what Republicans campaigned on and we need to honor those promises,” Cruz said.

Cruz added, “We should vote on and pass a big, bold, positive agenda that number one; brings back jobs and economic growth and opportunity. That number two; defends our Constitutional rights and that number three, restores America’s leadership in the world.”

Cruz spoke at a South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention at the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, where an estimated 1,500 people registered to attend the event.

His decision to speak before conservative grassroots activists in South Carolina is consistent with media reports that Cruz is actively considering running for President. The South Carolina primary will be crucial for conservative Republican candidates since this will be the third state to hold a primary in 2016 and the first in a deep red state.

During his speech, Cruz told the tea party attendees the next presidential nominee should not be an establishment Republican because candidates such as Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney failed to mobilize the grassroots base.

“If we nominate a candidate in that mold, the same people who stayed home in 2008 and 2012 will stay home in 2016 and the Democrats will win again.”

Cruz also told Conservative Review he was inspired by the commitment and motivation of the tea party attendees and their response to his remarks.

“The energy and the enthusiasm there was electric. These were men and women committed to turning our country around,” said Cruz. “They’re fighting for liberty, the Constitution, and I was inspired. I was inspired by their dedication because that’s what it’s gonna take to change us from the path we’re on and to get back to the common sense principles America was built on.”

Cruz believes Republicans need to take a stand and be the leaders Americans voted for.

“It is now incumbent on Republicans to stand up and lead, to demonstrate that we deserve the majority with which the voters have entrusted us.”


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