Can The Government Take Your Kids for No Reason?

A home schooling showdown in Kentucky has resulted in the state forcibly removing ten children from their home.

Research Analyst Logan Albright wrote about the horror story on the FreedomWorks blog: 

[The] Naugler family was raising and educating ten children without the help or supervision of the government. The educational style employed is known as “unschooling,” in which children learn through experience with little emphasis on formal instruction (Full Disclosure: the present author is a product of just such an education and feels it did him no harm.)

However, since Kentucky mandates minimum standards for education, and this particular brand of unschooling had no room for the standardized tests that would prove compliance, the authorities wasted no time in seizing all ten children, and threatening the parents with a felony charge.

What happens next? Albright writes:

The Naugler family is scheduled to have a court hearing to learn exactly why their children were taken from them – until now, the authorities have offered no justification. It’s horrifying that the state doesn’t even have to give a reason before taking such drastic action.

This is a terrifying example of government overreach gone wild. The fight to keep government out of education isn’t just about curricula anymore, it’s about who our children answer to: their parents, or the government?

I wonder what MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry thinks of this story. Is this the notion of “kids belonging to whole communities” that she was talking about in her promotional commercial for the network?