There Is Only One GOP Presidential Contender that Still Likes Common Core

school books
school books

Now that New Jersey governor Chris Christie has “evolved” on his opinion of Common Core, almost every GOP presidential primary contender now opposes the education takeover, with the exception of one: Jeb Bush.

According to Politico: 

Virtually every 2016 Republican presidential candidate has turned against the education standards, other than former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

“The truth is that it’s simply not working,” Christie said during a speech at Burlington County College in Pemberton, N.J. It wasn’t so long ago that Christie was an ardent supporter of the standards himself.

Like nearly every other governor in the country — Republican or Democrat — he agreed to adopt them in 2010. But Common Core has come under a withering grass-roots attack from conservatives who believe the standards are an attempt to nationalize education, and it has become a litmus test for Republicans with national ambition. To be sure, many on the left despise the educational standards, but conservatives ranging from Rand Paul to Christie now feel compelled to abandon any association with Common Core.

The education system needs more options for children and parents, not a one-size-fits-all mandatory program. At the end of the day, educational decisions are best left between families and teachers, not politicians and bureaucrats.