Hosts of “The View” Give Up on Debating Ben Carson

Whoopi Goldberg the view

In an interview with the liberal hosts of The View, among them Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson defended his pro-life position to the point where the hosts ran out of questions to ask.

Joy Behar eventually just gave up asking Dr. Carson about abortion, and switched the subject to Obamacare instead.

Dr. Carson wore the hosts down by calmly discussing his experiences as a surgeon operating on unborn children in the womb, and how that has shaped his unwavering pro-life position. There is nothing more annoying to a liberal than a conservative who debates their positions from a place of authority and consistency… has a transcript of the interview, with soundbites from Dr. Carson like this one:

“We are killing babies all over the place,” Carson responded. “I’ve spent my entire career trying to preserve life and give people quality of life, even operating on babies in the womb, operating all night long sometimes on premature babies. And I get to meet those people when they’re adults, and productive adults. There is no way you’re going to convince me that they’re not important, that they’re just a mass of cells.”

You can watch a video of the exchange here: