University President Sounds Off on Students: “This is not a Day Care”

oklahoma weslyan president

Finally, a leader in higher education has stood athwart history and yelled “ENOUGH WITH VICTIM CULTURE!”

Fox News reports:

A chapel sermon on love left a student at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU), feeling “offended” and “victimized.”

But instead of capitulating to the offended young scholar at the evangelical Christian university of the Wesleyan Church, OKWU President Everett Piper pushed back with a blistering rebuke of what he called “self-absorbed and narcissistic” students in a blog post on the university’s website.

“This is not a day care. This is a university,” he wrote in a blog that has since gone viral….“Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic,” he wrote. “Any time their feelings are hurt, they are victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them ‘feel bad’ about themselves, is a ‘hater,’ a ‘bigot,’ an ‘oppressor,’ and a ‘victimizer.’”

Piper continued on to set prospective students straight on what their expectations should be when it comes to OKWU:

If you want the chaplain to tell you you’re a victim rather than tell you that you need virtue, this may not be the university you’re looking for. If you want to complain about a sermon that makes you feel less than loving for not showing love, this might be the wrong place.

Bravo, President Piper. Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth and speak from the heart in the most hostile environment for free speech and debate currently in existence: the college campus.

You can read his full blog post to students here. It’s definitely worth the read.