Lena Dunham Wants to Make a List of Words the Press “Can’t Use” to Describe Hillary Clinton

lena dunham

Progressives love telling everybody else how to act, so why not tell them what to say?

Lena Dunham is prepared to do just that.

TheBlaze reports:

During an interview Sunday, the comedian and actress, who has stumped for Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa, told Variety magazine that the media is “rabidly sexist” in its portrayal of Clinton. She asserted that words such as “difficult” or “inaccessible” should not be used by media when describing female politicians.

“The way that Hillary Clinton has been talked about in the media is so gendered and rabidly sexist in every single portrayal,” Dunham said. “The adjectives, whether it’s attacks on her personal life or the adjectives that are used to describe her clothing, we have to do a full re-examination.”

“Like, I literally want to make a list that we hand to media outlets that says these are the words you can’t use when you’re describing a female candidate: shrill, inaccessible, difficult, frumpy, plastic,” the “Girls” star continued. “I mean, there’s just a list of words that if we were allowed to talk about male candidates like that, I’d have a f***ing field day. I’d enjoy my life so much.”

The thing is Lena, you are allowed to talk about male candidates “like that.” We live in a society with freedom of speech and freedom of the press, last I checked.

Or at least we do so long as progressives like Lena Dunham never hold office…..