This Public School Recruited Students to Campaign for Hillary Behind Parents’ Backs

Public schools are supposed to educate children, not use tax dollars to campaign for the 2016 Democratic front runner. If the criminal school system in Chicago is any example, some public schools have lots of room for improvement.

In Maine, one high school tried to turn students into volunteer Hillary campaign staffers under the guise of a school requirement without notifying parents.

Fox News reports:

A public high school in Maine was caught red-handed trying to recruit students to work on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as a “community service opportunity” – without the knowledge or consent of parents.

…Students at Marshwood High School in South Berwick received an email from the Clinton campaign – urging them to sign up for positions as unpaid “fellows”.

“Hillary for New Hampshire is looking for smart, energetic winter fellows who are committed to winning the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton,” read the email from a campaign staffer. “Everyone working on the campaign now started off as a fellow at some point so it is a great way of getting a different skill set whilst helping an important cause.”

According to the school principal, students need to perform 50 hours of community service to graduate, and they were simply passing the email along as an option for students.

Politics should stay out of the public schools, period. It was entirely inappropriate for the school to be recruiting minors to lobby their community for Team Hillary.

It’s important for young Americans to understand the importance of community service and their civic duties, but those are conversations that should happen at home. Parents should be having those discussions with their children, not school administrators, and definitely not campaign staffers from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

This school stepped way out of bounds.