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WATCH: Hidden Camera Debunks “Gun Show Loophole”

Our friend Steven Crowder has done it again!

In the latest expose video from Louder with Crowder, Steven is shown visiting various gun shows and dealers in attempts to but fully automatic weapons (which aren’t for sale). He also asks to purchase said firearms without undergoing a background check. He’s repeatedly turned away, as none of the sellers will have anything to do with these attempts.


It’s funny. It’s educational. Watch, then share with all your Second Amendment loving (or hating) friends. Check it out:

This video is more proof of what law abiding citizens already know. Guns are not easy to buy. And if you try to buy one and you shouldn’t be – or try to convince a seller to sell you one illegally – you might come really close to, or actually end up spending the night in jail.

We don’t need more gun laws or more background checks. We already have both and they work pretty well. But guess what? Criminals don’t care about either. And they never will.

Kudos to Crowder for destroying the myth once and for all!

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