Shooting at the U.S. Capitol Leaves 1 Wounded

capitol building

There has been a shooting at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.

The alleged gunman has been taken into custody, and 1 civilian is reported to be injured. However, conflicting reports have been made and the story is sure to develop and change as the day goes on.

Fox News reports:

An alleged gunman was taken into custody after shots were fired Monday afternoon at the tourist-heavy U.S. Capitol Visitor Center – an incident that sent the Capitol complex and the White House into lockdown. There were conflicting reports about who, if anyone, was wounded besides the alleged gunman. Initial reports said a U.S. Capitol Police officer had been shot. But a federal law enforcement source briefed on the incident now tells Fox News no officers were hurt during the incident. A bystander was said to be injured, though no other details were immediately available.

The alleged gunman himself was being taken to the hospital — Fox News is told officers fired on him when he pulled a gun after setting off a metal detector. He is now in custody. An internal security notice obtained by Fox News said the “shooter is down and on the way to the hospital.”

The same notice said “one individual was hit by shrapnel and is being taken to the hospital.”

Let’s hope the injured bystander makes a quick and full recovery, and the gunman is punished to the fullest extent of the law.