Little Girl Pays $2 For School Lunch, Gets Detained By Police

two dollar bill

It’s really hard to believe this story is true. A little girl tried to pay for school lunch with a $2 bill. The school, in its infinite wisdom, actually called the police to report her for using “counterfeit money.”

This is our tax dollars at work…..

According to ABC13:

For one day, public enemy number one when it came to forgery was 13-year-old eighth grader Danesiah Neal at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School. Now 14, Daneisha was hoping to eat that day’s lunch of chicken tenders with her classmates using a $2 bill given to her by her grandmother when she was stopped by the long arm of the law.

“I went to the lunch line and they said my $2 bill was fake,” Danesiah told Ted Oberg Investigates. “They gave it to the police. Then they sent me to the police office. A police officer said I could be in big trouble.”

Not just big trouble. Third-degree felony trouble.

Whatever happened to getting sent to the principal’s office to sort issues out?

Congratulations, Fort Bend ISD police. Not only did you waste taxpayer dollars resolving a cafeteria dispute valued at TWO DOLLARS, but you traumatized a little girl who will probably fear, distrust, and resent the police for the rest of her life.

No charges were filed, thank goodness.