New York Approves Cuomo Free College Tuition Plan

New York is not giving away free lunches yet but residents can get free tuition.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s free tuition plan for middle-class residents was adopted by the New York State Legislature over the weekend.

The plan is estimated to cost NY taxpayers around $163 million a year.

NPR wrote about the details of the tuition plan:

New York state has passed legislation that would create the largest experiment in the country to offer free tuition at two- and four-year colleges. The Excelsior Scholarship, approved over the weekend as part of the state budget, would cover full-time students in the State University of New York system, which totals 64 campuses and 1.3 million students.

As for eligibility, “Students from families making up to $100,000 a year would be eligible in the program’s first year, and by the third year that would increase to $125,000 a year.”

There are a few catches. Students must graduate on time and are also required to work in New York for a specified time.

Cuomo’s tuition plan is another vote buying scheme. New York already suffers from high taxes and creating a tuition entitlement plan will further harm the state’s finances.

It’s also possible Cuomo is using the free tuition plan as a way to connect with progressive voters for a run for president.