Putin Slams Trump Syrian Missile Strike

So much for Putin wanting to make Donald Trump president.

President Trump’s missile strike against Syria is a great reminder that the last thing Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted was Trump as U.S. president.

Trump ran on building a stronger military and making the U.S. energy independent. Both of these issues are directly opposed to Russian interests.

Clearly, Putin didn’t want a build up in the military and the U.S. producing more fossil fuel resources that can drive energy prices down. Russia needs high energy prices to fuel its economy.

The New York Times reported on the Russian response to the U.S. missile strike that targeted a Syrian airfield including statements made by Dmitri S. Peskov, Putin’s spokesman.

Mr. Peskov said that the cruise missile strikes on Friday represented a “significant blow” to American-Russian ties, and that Mr. Putin considered the attack a breach of international law that had been made under a false pretext. “The Syrian Army has no chemical weapons at its disposal,” Mr. Peskov said.

The American strikes on an airfield in Al Shayrat, which were aimed at Syrian fighter jets and other infrastructure, ignored the fact that “terrorists” had also used chemical weapons, Mr. Peskov said, without naming specific instances.