Hillary Clinton Plots Next Political Move

What role will Hillary Clinton play in politics in the future?

Will Clinton run for president? Will she maintain a high profile?

According to a story in The Washington Post, Clinton is not going away from politics but in the short-term, she plans to support Democrat candidates

In the first electoral season since the stunning loss that extinguished her years-long drive for the presidency, Clinton, 70, has begun a discreet and low-profile reentry into the political fray.

Her emerging 2018 strategy, according to more than a dozen friends and advisers familiar with her plans, is to leverage the star power she retains in some Democratic circles on behalf of select candidates while remaining sufficiently below the radar to avoid becoming a useful target for Republicans seeking to rile up their base.

It’s predictable Clinton will keep her foot in the political door but it’s unlikely she can enter into the political arena without creating a lot of attention and backlash from Republicans.

The truth is Clinton can’t discipline herself to keep a low profile as we witnessed with her appearance during the Grammy Awards.

The emergence of Clinton in politics will only help Republican candidates.