DOJ Inspector General Transmits Criminal Referral For McCabe

The Department of Justice inspector general sent a criminal referral for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C.

Previously, a report by the inspector general found McCabe mislead investigators on multiple occasions.

The Washington Post reports:

The Justice Department inspector general referred its finding that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe repeatedly misled investigators who were examining a media disclosure to the top federal prosecutor in D.C. to determine whether McCabe should be charged with a crime, according to people familiar with the matter.

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The news story adds it’s not clear if the Justice Department is going to file charges.

Federal prosecutors must follow through on the information gathered by the department’s inspector general.

Lying to investigators is a crime and McCabe must be held to the same standard of justice regardless of his former role at the FBI.


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