Trump Calls Al Sharpton a ‘con man’ and ‘troublemaker’

President Trump called Al Sharpton a “con man” and “trouble maker” on Twitter.

The president was responding to Sharpton’s Tweet saying he was on his way to Baltimore.

The backdrop to the president’s Tweet was rooted in an earlier one where President Trump criticized Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for poor leadership in Baltimore.

Sharpton plans on doing a press conference in Baltimore to address the president’s comments about the conditions in the city.

The president criticized both Cummings and Sharpton in a subsequent Tweet.

Sharpton also addressed President Trump’s criticism of Cummings during his MSNBC show “Politics Nation.”

A few years ago, 2020 presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was on the same page as President Trump about the deplorable conditions of Baltimore.

President Trump’s comments about Cummings and Baltimore are factual and warranted – the conditions in the city are like a third world nation.

The national focus on Baltimore is putting the spotlight on failed Democrat leadership.