Democrats Panic Over Sanders Big Win in Nevada

Democrats are in a panic over the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders (VT).

Sanders just scored a huge win in the Nevada caucus which followed his win in the New Hampshire primary and his second-place finish in the Iowa caucus.

The margin of victory for Sanders is large. With 60 percent of the results in, the Vermont Senator has a big lead in delegates – more than twice the amount that former Vice President Joe Biden is getting.

News organizations called the race before all the results were tabulated.

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is competing with Sanders to be the Democrat nominee for president, sounded the alarm about Sanders’ victory.

Buttigieg criticized Sanders for viewing capitalism as the “root of all evil” and warned that attitude goes “… beyond reform and reorder the economy in ways most Democrats — not to mention most Americans — don’t support.”

He also attacked Sanders over his health care plan.

Despite his losing record in Democrat contests, former Vice President Joe Biden was happy about coming in a distant second to Sanders.

The concern about Sanders’ lead in the race for the Democrat nomination goes beyond his competitors.

Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) is worried about the down-ticket consequence for Democrats if Sanders runs against President Trump.

Cable TV hosts are also expressing concern about Sanders.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compared Sanders’ victory to France’s surrender in WWII.

James Carville, former President Clinton’s former adviser and campaign manager, also expressed concerns and Sanders’ backers called him a political hack.

The Sanders campaign jumped on his Nevada victory by releasing a video.

Sanders is gaining momentum and is in a good position to grab the Democrat nomination for president.

Democrats are panicking because they know Americans will reject Sanders’ radical policy ideas.