Biden Weak Media Skills Highlighted During International Summits

President Joe Biden showed the world how weak he really is when it comes to dealing with questions from the media.

Biden traveled overseas to attend summits and instead of engaging with the media, he kept the media at bay.

Here is Biden ignoring several questions shouted at him from the press followed by his staff rushing the media out of the room.

Biden tried to laugh through a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin which was then followed by an awkward long silent pause.

Biden also brushed off a question from a reporter. Not only did Biden cut the reporter off but he shot back saying, “120 days give me a break – need time,” and then left the press conference.

Prior to his international trip, Biden didn’t have an interview with the media for over 30 days.

Critics commented on social media.

Newsmax reported a Zogby poll found over “60 percent of American voters believe the mainstream media protects President Joe Biden by not asking tough questions, according to a new survey.”

President Biden ducks the media any chance he gets because he doesn’t want to be faced with tough questions.

Not only does his staff go out of their way to keep the media at arms length, the media doesn’t push back hard enough for answers.

To the extent the media is complaining about a lack of access to Biden in reality they own it. The media went all out to get Biden in office so now they have to deal with the consequences.