Biden Forgets Travel Plans While Jill and Handlers Come to His Rescue

Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden was rescued by his wife Jill and his handlers when he couldn’t recall his upcoming travel plans.

As a presidential candidate, Biden has not been in the public eye much and is consistently safeguarded when he makes a blunder.

Today was another example.

Biden responded to a question from a reporter on Monday and couldn’t recall where he was traveling to on Tuesday.

The media is beginning to question Biden’s go-slow campaign strategy.

A CBS reporter questioned why Biden wasn’t out in the public campaigning more following the announcement of no public events over the weekend.

Comments responding to the reporter were posted on social media.

It’s glaringly obvious Biden has been missing in action for months.

Fox News reports:

Biden only recently jumped back onto the campaign trail, after spending much of the pandemic campaigning virtually from his Delaware home. He went months without hosting a press conference or talking to reporters.

It’s really surprising, Biden is not hitting the campaign trail much harder after Labor Day, and his light travel schedule only adds more concern about his mental and physical capacity.

Declining health is the most likely reason Biden is not traveling the country.