Sen Hawley Slams Walmart for Calling Him ‘sore loser’

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) slammed Walmart after the big box store criticized him for supporting the effort to challenge the certification of Joe Biden as president by Congress on January 6.

The senator expressed his position on Twitter and Walmart used its corporate Twitter account to respond to Hawley’s intention by calling him a “sore loser.”

Here is Hawley’s initial tweet.

Here is Walmart’s response to Hawley’s tweet where he stated his intention of the presidential election certification.

Hawley hit back at Walmart which included a comment where the Senator accused Walmart of using “slave labor.”

Recognizing the response was developing into a public relations disaster, Walmart apologized on Twitter.

Hawley continued his criticism of Walmart during a Fox News interview.

Adding to the concern by Walmart was the company’s connection to China.

Walmart recognized it created a public relations crisis by weighing in on a controversial political matter and now it’s actively involved in a classic clean up aisle 5 moment.

Companies should stick to selling products and services and avoid getting involved in political commentary for the sake of their business and shareholders.