Trump Slams Biden and Harris During Southern Border Visit

Former President Trump traveled to Texas to visit the southern border with Republican Governor Gregg Abbott.

During a briefing at the Weslaco Department of Public Safety, Trump slammed President Biden and Vice President Harris for creating the border crisis.

Making a reference to Harris’ trip last week to El Paso, Texas, Trump said he was going to a location at the border where there “are real problems.”

Critics noted Harris’ trip to Texas last week was hundreds of miles from where the crisis is happening.

In contrast, Trump went to a section of the Texas southern border at the foot of the border wall.

Trump also released a statement about his trip.

“Heading to the Southern Border, which as never, in our Country’s long history, been worse,” Trump said.

Trump added, “People are coming in by the millions! They are destroying our country!”

At the briefing, Trump also mentioned human trafficking.

Importantly, Trump emphasized his border plan was working and Biden and his team didn’t have to do anything to keep it secure.

“All they had to do was go to the beach, and it would have been fine. All they had to do was do nothing,” said Trump.

Trump drew a large presence from the media.

Traveling to the southern border is smart politics and policy.

Concerns about the border is hurting Biden in the polls and Trump’s visit is going to bring national attention to the crisis that the current president created.

In addition, national attention on the border crisis could push Biden and some other Democrats toward policies to secure the border but given the state of the Democrat Party, that is unlikely to happen.