Psaki Admits WH is Working with Facebook Over COVID-19 ‘problematic posts’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the Biden administration is working with Facebook and other social media platforms to combat “problematic posts” over COVID-19.

Psaki admitted the collaboration during Friday’s press briefing and called for Big Tech companies to work together, saying, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others.”

Newsbusters reports:

Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday’s press briefing that the White House is “regularly” coordinating with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Big Tech giants on the “latest narratives dangerous to public health” that the administration wants to be censored.

Texas Florida Senator Ted Cruz reacted to Psaki’s admission of the Biden administration working with Big Tech on Fox News, saying, “It’s undoubtedly collusion,” and that the White House is “in bed” with Big Tech.

Critics commented on social media.

Former President Trump recently announced a class-action lawsuit against the Silicon Valley tech giants and was joined by America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit organization, to announce he was the lead plaintiff initiating a class-action lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The institute posted about Psaki’s admission and others connected the dot that the case was made for the Big Tech lawsuit.

Ironically, by working with Facebook, the White House is validating the concern expressed in the Trump lawsuit. Essentially, Facebook is acting as an agent of the federal government’s effort to silence free speech.

The federal government can’t ban speech nor should Facebook act as its agent.

The Biden administration shouldn’t be working with Big Tech to censor people but should do a better job getting credible information out to the public and directly challenge misinformation about the virus and vaccines.