Biden and Harris Try to Laugh Off Questions About Afghanistan Chaos

Both President Biden and Vice President Harris laughed at direct questions about the chaotic situation in Afghanistan.

During a press briefing on Sunday, Biden laughed with a big smile following a question about a CBS News poll.

After composing himself Biden said, “Look, I had a basic decision to make.”

Harris also laughed in response to a reporter’s question about the chaos in Afghanistan during her trip to Southeast Asia.

New York Post reports:

“Hold on, hold on — slow down, everybody!” Harris said, before letting out her now-notorious laugh, shaking her shoulders as she chuckled.

Harris finally composed herself to insist that the Biden administration “couldn’t have a higher priority right now” than Afghanistan.

Here is the video of Harris laughing in response to a question about Afghanistan.

News organizations jumped on the opportunity to report on Biden’s laugh.

The Daily Mail used this headline, “No laughing matter, Joe: Biden chuckles when he’s asked about new poll showing majority of Americans think he’s no longer ‘competent, focused or effective’ after his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The Daily Beast also wrote about Biden’s response, with the headline, “Biden Laughs Off Sagging Poll Numbers, Defends Afghanistan Mess.”

The Daily Mail also wrote about Harris’s laugh, “Kamala Harris is filmed LAUGHING at reporter before discussing Afghan crisis and insisting evacuation is ‘highest priority’ after poll called her unfit to be president.”

Clearly, the situation in Afghanistan is no laughing matter.

Over 10,000 Americans are trapped behind enemy lines and they cannot get to the airport in Kabul to exit the country.

The horrible withdrawal plan is getting significant criticism from European allies.

Members of the UK Parliament blasted Biden and the former commander of British troops in Afghanistan said Biden “should be court-martialed.”

Biden and Harris failed America and our closest allies with their combined incompetence.

While they can laugh off basic questions, the Americans trapped in Afghanistan remain in a serious and potentially deadly situation.