Biden White House Rejected COVID-19 Testing Plan

President Biden’s White House rejected a COVID-19 testing plan in October.

Vanity Fair reported the Biden administration was presented with a plan that would have allowed home testing in huge numbers, according to the plan, to allow screening designed to enable a “Testing Surge to Prevent Holiday COVID Surge.”

The plan was offered by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, by the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as other organizations. However, the plan was rejected by the White House with Vanity Fair reporting, “Their big, bold idea for free home tests for all Americans to avoid a holiday surge, they were told, was dead.”

Critics noted Biden recently expressed regret that he didn’t order more tests during an interview on ABC News.

Biden promised he is going to get 500 million test kits produced but questions remain.

The White House is under pressure because testing demand is exceeding supply.

It’s totally inexcusable Biden did not prepare for more COVID-19 tests before the winter months.

The White House was offered a plan but it was rejected.

Unfortunately, because of the testing shortfall many Americans will be positive but don’t know it and as a result, more people will be infected with COVID-19.

Biden is a disaster.