Biden Blames Putin for Inflation

President Biden is blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the high inflation rate in the U.S.

During his speech to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Biden said, “The second big reason for inflation is Vladimir Putin.”

After saying gasoline prices went up in response to Russian troops amassing at the Ukrainian border, Biden concluded, “Make no mistake. Inflation’s largely the fault of Putin.”

The president insisted inflation was not a result of Democrats spending and reacted with anger.

Watch full speech:

Press Secretary Jenn Psaki defended the administration’s reasons for inflation.

Critics disagreed with Biden’s assessment.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) highlighted Biden blaming everything but himself for inflation.

Larry Summers, a former Obama administration official, disagreed with Biden blaming inflation on Putin.

The timeline of rising inflation disproves Biden assigning responsibility of inflation on Russia.

Inflation was spiking well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden owns the inflation situation as well as the surging gasoline prices but he is in denial because of the political consequences for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.