EPA Running Amok

We all know that President Obama’s stimulus plan is failing and here’s another reason why.

John Rossomando of The Daily Caller reports:

China and other foreign interests have been significant beneficiaries of stimulus money through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to the tune of some $27 million, since the law passed in February 2009.

Congressional investigators with the House Energy and Commerce Committee found that the EPA engaged in practices such as giving a $718,000 grant to the China State Environment Protection Administration to help it comply with the Stockholm and Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants Convention among others.

While the EPA spends outrageous sums of our tax dollars on their pet projects overseas, the administration’s onerous regulations are causing significant economic harm here in America.  The EPA’s new “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule,” for example, will add substantial compliance costs to coal-fired utility providers resulting in job losses and higher energy prices which is the last thing our country needs during these trying economic times.  Coal-fired utilities are expected to comply with the new EPA regulations by January 1, 2012.