The American Federation of Teachers is NOT “Ready for Hillary”

hillary clinton

Members of the American Federation of Teachers are upset that the union leadership has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president without making a legitimate attempt of consulting its membership. reports:

For a union built on democracy, activist teachers are wondering how the American Federation of Teachers could have possibly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president without them knowing about it.

Candi Peterson, Washington (D.C.) Teachers’ Union, penned an article at Common Dreams in which several die-hard union activists appeared to be utterly befuddled by the national union’s sudden announcement.

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Chicago activist Katie Osgood says, “I know many AFT members too and have not heard one person polled either.” The union claimed it polled members on their opinions.

According to the calculation of “Mr. Stevens,” only .04 percent of members were surveyed.

Hillary Clinton has a serious enthusiasm problem with Democrats, and the liberal, top-down approach to decision making is not helping the situation.