Republicans in Congress Are Going After Sanctuary Cities

Senate Vote

Senate Republicans have introduced a bill that would pressure sanctuary cities to follow federal immigration law by restricting federal funds and grants for those who don’t comply.

The Washington Examiner reports: 

The bill would withhold federal grants, among them “SCAAP grants,” “cops grants” and “community development block grants” to cities that don’t follow the law. The bill charges the secretary of Homeland Security with administrating its mandates.

The bill also increases the penalty for illegal re-entry into the United States following deportation, in a move that seems directly correlated with the emerging “Kate’s Law” movement that has sprung up following the murder of Kate Steinle in San Franciso, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times.

The bill sets a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison for any illegal alien who re-enters the United States following deportation.

Stopping funds for cities who refuse to comply with federal law is the very least that Congress can do to enforce our immigration laws. We will never have a functioning immigration system until people have reason to actually believe there are consequences for breaking the laws of the land.