IRS Employee Admits On-Air That He Targeted Conservative Groups

cleta mitchell

Finally, an IRS employee who tells the truth!

I wish it was under different circumstances, but here we are.

During an interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell took a very interesting phone call from a viewer who claims to work for the IRS.

The Washington Free Beacon transcribed the exchange:

The first caller was a self-identified IRS employee who said he would go after the groups Mitchell represents if their goal was to abolish the IRS.

“I am a lowly clerk at the IRS, looking at your application for tax-free status,” said the caller, Bill, from Elizabeth, New Jersey. “I go to your web page to see the goals of your group and one of the goals of your group is to abolish the IRS.”

“You can bet every dollar you got I’m going to go after you and target you and try and end your group and that’s just the way it is,” the caller said.

Cleta Mitchell was not stunned at all by his admission, and didn’t miss a beat explaining why his actions are entirely unacceptable and unconstitutional. Watch her perfect response here: